I’m feeling the love!

I have the sweetest boyfriend ever, I swear. I’ve been taken out to dinner multiple times this week. Tried out the new specials at Monta Ramen, I think I’m in love ❤

We have a new friend in town – Noe, who flew all the way from Tennessee! She’s one of Shawnzee’s old friends, and apparently now, girlfriend.

Anya has been brought to the doggie park, and she did well! Besides the whole getting-chased-by-a-chihuahua thing. Also, I successfully cut her nails today. She’s quite happy with the peanut butter trade 🙂

I also volunteered today with the Vegas Shepherd Rescue, and I plan to be doing more volunteer work. Love this so much!


Missing Kitty!!

It’s been a sad week.

There’s still no sign of Syd, our female, short-haired tuxedo. She’s been missing since the 8th, and we didn’t think much of it, at first. Both our cats have a habit of disappearing for a few days then coming back. Joe’s sister’s cat, Hima, even disappeared for two whole weeks before she came home.

However, posters put up in the community and futile searches have lead nowhere. Her brother, Leo, has been depressed and lonely, and we’d all love to see her come home. Alas…

I posted an ad on Craigslist (after checking multiple times to see if anyone posted a found cat ad), which can be viewed here – http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/laf/4074836345.html

I’m posting more photos of her here, because I realized I should have taken even more.


Those two have been completely inseparable since birth. They’re a year and a half old now.

litter 1giving birthShe’s gone through two litters this year alone. And her brother helped her, of course.

nap timeThey sleep together…


They annoy us together…

second floor

They get into mischief together…

keeping warmThey keep warm by stacking…
tiny thingsAnd we miss how tiny they used to be!

I hope she finds her way home soon.

Our Little Family

Joe met our little girl last Thursday. She managed to keep us up half the night, but he held his ground, thankfully better than I did. A couple of sleepless nights tends to make a woman grumpy. In any case, I had a wonderful day with the man, and later in the day we took Anya for a little walk.


There’s this cute little duck pond 3 blocks from my house, she thoroughly enjoyed herself trying to run away from all the ducks. How adorable.



Anya wants the treat for being a good little girl!


Unfortunately, she’s not really good at night. Housebreaking has been better, but sleeping through the night, not at all. At the moment, she’s crying and scratching at my bedroom door.  I really should find a way to stop this.

In other news, moving is almost complete, and I’m starting to feel at home. Yay, Vegas!

Park Time!

We took Anastasia to Floyd Lamb Park today. She finally met Aida’s dog, Mico, who is a jack russel mix. They got along quite well!


She ran around for a good 2 hours, and I’m a very proud mommy. Some snacks later, we headed home, with Anya promptly passing out.


Time for a nice, cold shower, then let the rest of the day begin!

Full Day

Just thought I’d make a separate post for the rest of today!

It’s currently 10:30 pm, I’m watching Indiana Jones, and Anastasia has stolen my spot on the bed. Haha!

The little girl woke me up at 4 am today for a pee break, and I headed off at 7 am. I played with my kitties, too!


Syd was a bit busy bird watching.


Leo on the other hand, was content to chill in the cool grass.20130831_082003 20130831_081945

After finishing baking, hanging out with Shawnzee, Aida coming to chill, I was pretty tired. We headed back home to play with the little girl, and CJ and Brandon came over to meet her. She knows how to play fetch now too!

The guys and I left for the airport then, since Brandon’s headed for San Francisco for a couple of weeks. We left Aida to pet sit, and CJ and I returned to find them watching none other than Anastasia!

She then proceeds to tell me how when they began to sing Once Upon A December, Anastasia stops playing, lays down and watches the tv until the song ends. How adorable! It’s been a good day.

Puppy Treats

Today, I realized I could finally try something new – making some healthy, yummy, dog treats! I found a fairly easy recipe: bananas, peanut butter, whole wheat flour… not necessarily *just* for dogs too. Aida and I had some, they taste like wheat bagels 😀


Anyway, it only takes an hour to make them, but not having cookie cutters made it a bit hard to make them fast. Here’s how they turned out! I ended up using a piping tip, which made nicely sized treats.20130831_14181620130831_14280420130831_160817

All in all, I ended up with about 3/4 of a can of oatmeal’s worth. I tried them out with the cats, too. Syd turned up her nose, but Leo had no problem diving into it.

What about Anastasia? Well, she absolutely loved it! We’ve been using it as a reward, and she FINALLY pottied outside! So far, so good.

Puppy-Mania: Anastasia Nefertari

Guess who has a new puppy?! That’s right, this chick right here!

My friend Aida and I drove off to Burbank, CA, this morning to pick up a lovely Manchester Terrier from breeder Shelley Cafferty. If you’re reading this, I cannot thank you enough for letting us have little Gidget (whom we renamed!). She is just a sweetheart, slept through the 5 hour drive, not a bark or a whine (even though Aida and I were singing at the top of our lungs).

We actually spent half that time compiling a list of names – that is, until the song “Once Upon A December” came on. I must say, Fox’s Anastasia tops the list of my favorite animated movies of all time, and then it hit me!  She had such a regal look to her, that we both agreed to name her after royalty – Anastasia after our favorite movie and the slain Grand Duchess of Russia, and Nefertari, which means “beautiful companion”, is Ramesses the Great’s well-known wife. I should add that I have a deep love for anything related to history, with Egypt in particular. Moving on!

It has only been a couple of hours since our arrival back to Las Vegas, and yet she already responds to Anastasia, which we take as a great sign. She’s a very shy girl, but loving and wants nothing more that a warm lap and a scratch behind the ears.

Car ride what's this? food plz?Alrighty, it’s bed time for everyone 🙂 Until then!

xoxo, Asia